Cubase 12 is not ready yet

I really want to have Cubase 12 my primary daw, but currently, it has random freezes and crashes and is overall unreliable to me.
At first, I thought it was because I was running it on macOS Catalina, but then I upgraded to Big Sur, and the same still happens. I even restarted my preferences and all.

I am aware of the crash logs and I’m usually able to figure out what’s causing the crash. With C12 it’s totally random and upon restart, Cubase is giving no info of what crashed. As if Cubase itself didn’t realize there was a crash at all.

Cubase 11 has been rock solid. I guess I’ll wait for a couple more maintenance updates till I can actually start using it. In the meantime, Cubase 11 FTW!

Mac Pro 2019 28-core
192 Ram
macOS Big Sur


You need to ascertain if it’s actually a C12 issue, or something specific to your machine.

If there were issues with freezes and crashes, and therefore C12 “Not ready” I sincerely think this forum would be ablaze with complaints, and that’s not the case.

That’s a nice spec machine you have, so I wonder if the issues are related to your CPU - perhaps someone else with a similar spec/large core Xeon CPU can feedback their experiences?


I think you could expect more helpful answers if you used a more descriptive topic title and tagged it as “Cubase-12” and “issue” and then try describing precisely the scenarios where C12 crashes. Maybe even provide the crashlogs or crashdumps.
Just an idea. If you just felt the need to vent, ignore me :wink:

I’m also feeling lots of instability on my machine… however, most are strange behaviour, I asked some of them in the forum but it seems to be only happening to me. And some strange behaviour has gone . But I never have this feel when I was using Ableton Live. It just give me consistent and stable behaviour. In terms of mixing, Live still lack of many features that Cubase has. I do not know if I make a clean install on the macOS will help. But it definitely will take me quite alot of them to setup everything back. One strange thing happened just recently is, when I click new project, and select (double click) a project that I recently working on, it will open an empty project.

Cubase will be alot better if it is stable and consistent.

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That’s the thing though. Cubase 12 is not even registering a crash. There’s no log. It just crashes.
And Cubase 11 is rock solid. So it must be something with Cubase 12.
And the crashes and freezes are so random that I keep hitting command+s after every step, since the next one might be the freeze/crash. That’s no way of working.

The reason for my title, is that Cubas 11 used to be exactly the same (and every version before that). Version X.0.0 is buggy and unstable. And 3-4 versions after its solid again.
Thus my conclusion: not ready. (IMO)


I’m not going to disagree with a person that has a 28 core Mac Pro and 192 gigs of ram buuuuut.
All of my crashes have been from the Yamaha audio driver or my monitors internal USB dock. I have a UR28m interface which isn’t supported by the new Monterey Driver so I’m using the one before it for Big Sur.
The dock issues are a Mac OS thing I think?

Why haven’t you upgraded to Monterey?

Lol! Love the introduction. No, my Mac Pro doesn’t automatically make me right. I am very well aware of that :joy:

I was already a little nervous updating from Catalina to Big Sur. I have big projects and big clients and if I lose compatibility and things start crashing (like with cubase) I lose support (and time).

I usually like to be 1 or 2 OS’s behind (like most mac producers, but not all).

And since most plugins and hardware have official support for Big Sur (including Cubase 12), I would assume these crashes aren’t suppose to happen.
Also, like I mentioned, Cubase 11 is rock solid. So I don’t think it’s crazy to assume it’s a Cubase issue.
But again, I might be wrong.


Couldn’t agree more. My Cubase 11 Pro is rock stable. I really can’t remember when it crashed last time. Yesterday C12 Pro crashed every time I used Spectralayer. Today I was not able to audio wrap multiple tracks - each time I tried Cubase crashed. This feature was one of the reason why I upgraded. And know I cannot use it. Frustrating. Same with Vari Audio multiple selected events glitch (I have confirmation this is bug and will be fix in next maintenance update). But I am also not able to tune in Vari Audio multiple selected tracks - which makes me use C11 instead.

Ps. I’m on windows.


Few times C12 froze when loading, closing out a session and crashed when loading a vst… found the problem with the vst and freezing stopped once i upgraded my 6 year old video card which was radeon rx550 4gb… upgraded to an radeon 6000xt only thing affordable on the market and fixed my freezing also opted to install driver only for the video card… in on windows but i cant complain at all definitely and upgrade to C11

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Actually, it kind of is. There’s a lot of discussion about C12 problems here and on other forums. All the problems that people have been having is why I’m going to hold out for the first C12 point release.

If I’m going to install a new DAW I need the installation to go without a hitch and the new DAW to run without any new problems, because I’m extremely busy with projects. I go down to my workstation first thing when I get up and I’m still there before I go to bed. I can’t afford interruptions to debug new software.


Installing new software on an OS that’s two whole major revisions behind is probably not the best idea though. You’re kind of defeating the purpose of staying stable by introducing new software that was built and mostly tested in a later environment into an old one.

I get that.
That’s why after contacting Steinberg support and being instructed to upgrade to a supported OS, I did.
macOS Big Sur is listed as supported with Cubase 12.

So in practice, you’re right (even though Ableton Live 11 supports High Sierra from 2017!! but that’s a whole other debate), but in this case, updating my OS resulted in the same issues.

And again, I wouldn’t be pointing it out if Cubase 12 didn’t look and behaveexactly like Cubase 11.
We only got a few more features. The difference in stability shouldn’t be this big.

I’m lucky I’m able to go back to Cubase 11. What about people whose 12 is their first version of Cubase?
If this was my first Cubase version and it crashed and froze that frequently? My license would be on Facebook marketplace the next day.


Yeah, not saying your old OS is the only possible reason. Sorry it’s broken for you. Lots of people seem to have issues. On the other hand for lots of us it’s been really smooth as well.

I’m guessing the new licensing system changes more than a few things and there’s just a bunch of stuff now that can go wrong. It becomes a crap shoot.

I had at least 10 crashes yesterday and several the day before. Today I decided to delete all the preference files that involve plugins and had Cubase 12 rescan them. SO FAR it seems a bit more stable but then again only time will tell.

If you do this for a living then having a staging computer is essential for OS upgrades. As far as Cubase is concerned you can run both c11 and c12 so if you must gave c12 I suggest using c11 for your projects still but in downtime get used to c12 and maybe move over fully after the first maintenance release. At least you would be familiar with it then. Jumping to a major release for paid work is not the way I would do it.

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What this is making me look at is that generally, Cubase seems to be now biased towards Mac; and it’s own plug-ins. Even in C11, I’m running on the edge; and C12 is a joke. I have a really powerful PC and UAD - still, Cubase is now such a fat hog of resources. It’s ridiculous to think I’ve painted myself into this corner. I have projects now which I’m tring to mix and I am reduced to bouncing to submixes for the drums because Cubase just can’t run Waves, Slate and Izotope plugins. I have $13,000 in a UAD card and so I build a new PC every 18 months. It’s sad. I need another DAW or an M1. I’m disappointed because the last update was a disaster and this one is the same for me.


Very stable Mac system here that I just updated to Monterey to use Cubase 12 and Cubase 11 is flawless but the same projects opening in Cubase 12 are experiencing a lot of crashes.

Happy to run 11 for now (must always have backups and contingency) but I can’t recall a release that was anything like this buggy for me in the 20+ years I’ve been making records.


‘Two whole revisions’ is only 2 years thanks to Apple.

Cubase12 has been pretty solid for me on a 2013 Mac Pro running Catalina - running kontakt, omnisphere etc etc

I had a few of projects where I was getting a lag from what appeared to be GPU related - it seemed to help when I shut supervision which is constantly open on a 3rd monitor.

I don’t think I’m getting as good a performance out of C12 but the extent is hard to tell because I’ve just finished a number of larger projects on C11 and I’m starting fresh projects with C12 so maybe im getting worse performance than i think on C12.

Im on Big Sur as well and i noticed it crashes/freez when i come back from the sleepmode.
It crashes/freez when i load plugins(random). It crashes when i work with the sample track, it crashes when i unmix vocals on spectralsyers.

I send the reports to steinberg. Lets hope they fix it soon.

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