Cubase 12 Just sit back and think and save your money!

Yes Not such an exiting prospect is Cubase 12.
It means my FM8 ,Abysynth, Korg Collection with those great synths will all be defunct. Also Sample Robot will be defunct.
It might be best to invest in a new dongle and keep one as a spare.
With my defunct synths i would lose a few hundred quid over this.
I will stay with 11 for the forseeable future.
I cannot see what the problem is keeping VST 2.4 going only making you pay all over again for what you already have.

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I have the exactly same concerns, for other VSTis which have also been developed with the SDK 2.4 and will never be updated : apparently, only the M1 systems under OSX are concerned for now.

But I see this as the beginning of a process which will be extended to other platforms, once Cubase 12 will be released…

Are you on Mac? This is only the case for MacOS on an M1 processor. (as @cubic13 points out, but I wanted to preciser the info.

… by what logic are you blaming this on Cubase 12? Also note:

  • VST2 problem is caused by Apple changing CPU architecture again
  • even Native Instruments have started to release VST3 versions (even Kontakt 6 recently)
  • perhaps it would be fairer to contact Korg and ask for VST3 Apple-compatible versions
  • you’ll get two licenses with Cubase 12, so “problem” plugins could be run on a seperate computer (older Mac or PC) and integrated via VST System Link

No Steve ,i run win 10 at the moment and compatibilty with win 11 is also a concern at the moment
We all have to go forward, but i only had the Korg collection for a short while now and i hope FM8 is going to be a vst 3 then. What is the steinburg problem that they must drop VST2
I will stay with Cubase 11 as long as i can now. I have written to Korg , but i am not holding my breath.
Sometime back Native Instruments annoyed me by getting rid and not supporting the Pro52 synth.
Expensive game software.

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letting down the faithful

You have misunderstood the situation, but I don’t know if explaining it again will help.

Cubase 11.0.41 is compatible with Windows 11 according to the Steinberg website.

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Have i got this right this right–
Is Steinburg doing this just for Apple?
Does this mean Cubase 12 will run Vst2.4 for Windows users?

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I am not trying to mislead anyone here as i was concened over what i read.
I did not realize this was only for Apple and not Windows
So i got it wrong and appologise.

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No problem @JohnS – we can all get very passionate about losing features (see my rants about F2, for example!).

It would be very silly of Steinberg to stop supporting legacy VST2.4, however Apple have left them little choice because VST2.4 development finished a long time ago and there will not be any changes made to facilitate Apple’s new CPU. The fact is, unless you’re buying a new Mac AND you want to continue to use old VST2 plugins that won’t get updated to VST3, then this is not an issue.