Cubase 12 latest update on M1 MB Pro performance peaking


sorry to create a new topic, I’ve read some similiar, but didn’t find any answer. I am running the latest update of Cubase 12 on Macbook Pro M1. I am having constant peformance peaks (red), even with no project opened, just running Cubase. I have UAD Apollo X8 thunderbolt device, but it’s the same, if I change it to Built in audio.
It only dissapears when running in safe mode with all 3rd party plugins are off. So it looks like some of those are causing it. But how to know which ? I have a plenty of them, all legal from standard developers, all up-to-date versions, VST3. (Universal Audio, Waves, Fabfilter, Baby Audio, Harrison, IK Multimedia, Izotope, Melda, Oaksound, Plugin Alliance, Relab, Slate, Sonarworks, Sonible, Soundtyos… just to name the vendors). Does anybody has the same issue ?

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just don’t use sonarworks or increase buffer size

Yes, I figured out that Sonarworks is the issue. Their supports, they know this issue, but have no solution for now. Working with 2048 buffer size is ridiculous.

i have tested new Beta version
working smoothly
with no performance peak at 32 buffer sample rate also
Screenshot 2023-02-07 at 3.52.04 AM

yes, I got it from Sonarworks support. Two instances in linear phase mode at 32 buffer and no peaks. Even in Roseta mode! Thumbs up for their effort.

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