Cubase 12 LE does not recognize my Sound card

Hi ,
I am using UMC202HD sound card. Upon installing Cubase 12 LE:

  1. Go to “Studio Setup” → “Audio Connections”
    → My sound card is not listed in the "Audio Device " Column.

Instead, It only has 2 options: " Not Connected" (default selected) and Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver.

How do I fix this, so that my Sound Card is recognized?

Please help.

I solved this, as this might happen for Win 10 or 11 systems. You need to download the latest drivers for Models like UMC202, UMC202HD etc.

If you have Win 10 or 11, please go at the behringer site’s download link and download and update latest drivers for the sound Card.

This would show you the driver under the “Audio Devices” as mentioned above, as “UMC ASIO Driver”

Well done.
We recommend this ten times a week to the beginners. :innocent: