Cubase 12 LE exports silent WAV

Nube here. I have a lot of video editing experience on Avid, but am trying to learn Cubase for audio only. Have my first project and all is good during the actual editing process, but when I export the file, it is silent. It obviously is created because it is a WAV file of the right size and length, but it has absolutely no audio when played back. What am I doing wrong?

Please post a screenshot of your export window and your project window (main window), otherwise it’ll be guess work

I think I read this can happen if the track is record enabled.

Thanks for looking. Here is a screenshot of the project window and one of the export window.

Uploading: 2022-06-03 18_04_11-Greenshot.png…

Export window

Looks fine. Is the track actually routed to Stereo Out?

Isn’t that what is in the top right of the export dialog, or does it have to be selected somewhere else?

In the channel edit window, in the mixer or in the track inspector you can see if it’s routed to stereo out.
If it’s not routed, you can’t export it.
The dropdown menu in the upper right corner selects the bus or output to use for export.

The inspector says “Stereo Out”. I really don’t get it…

Did you try making sure the track is not record enabled?

Problem solved. I did not know that I had to choose “Stereo Track” when the project was created. I simply created an empty project and imported files, which apparently then wasn’t routed out correctly. Thanks to all.