Cubase 12 licence expired (splice)

Hi, can someone maybe help me out, I bought cubase 12 pro on rent to own basis with splice 3 months ago. Everything worked as it should without any problems. Today opening cubase it says my licence has expired. Checked on my splice account, it says cubase is active, payments are up to date. On my steinberg account it says licence has expired about a week ago which doesn’t make any sense. Has anyone ever experienced the same problem ? If so how did you sort it. Any help would be great full. I’ve already emails splice as well as steinberg but had no reply as yet. Thanks in advance

Hi Jose, you will need to talk to Splice since they are handling the licensing provision on their side and the Splice license management system tells us that your license has expired.

Hi Matthias, thanks for the prompt reply. I’ve already emailed them. As it stands haven’t got a reply, but it seems a bit odd because as I said on my splice account it says it’s active.
However I’ll wait to see what they say. Hope this can be resolved as soon as possible. Will keep you updated on developments.

Maybe you could apply for the Cubase trial to bridge the time until the issue is resolved.

Hi, I have the same problem. Splice technical support does not respond to email. What should I do next?
Thank you

@Pavel_Korduliak That might be the best solution until you hear from Splice.

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@Pavel_Korduliak took about 24 hours for splice to reply to me, and to sort the issue I’d say about 48 hours all together with a couple of email exchanges. Just be patience and do not create more tickets with them. If you requested the support today I’d say you probably hear from them by tomorrow.

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