Cubase 12 license issue

Hello all,

Cubase 12 was working great until 2 days ago. Now, Cubase wont launch. Steinberg Activation Manager seems to be the issue, as it just hangs. I have uninstalled/reinstalled both Cubase and SAM. I actually just did a clean wipe of Windows, and am still unable to launch Cubase.

When I launch SAM, it just says “Loading, please wait”.

Any thoughts on how I can get Cubase up and running again? Again, this is on a completely fresh windows reimage!


Please make sure no antivirus or firewall is blocking communication with the Steinberg server(s).

Try manually launching the Steinberg Activation Manager.exe file located in the Program> Steinberg> Activation Manager Directory and see if Cubase 12 is active.
If you have Windows 10, try to do the “System Restore” to the date when everything worked and wait two hours. It worked for me. :grinning:

Thanks to both. I tried disabling Norton, didnt work. Tried manually launching SAM, didnt work.

BUT! I did a 2nd reimage of the machine, and now it seems everything is working.

Time to go install 100000 VSTs.

Thanks for the help!