Cubase 12 loses midi notes

Cubase 12, Focusrite 2i2 2nd gen, Roland TD-25, Groove agent 5 Se.

Cubase recognizes to Roland TD, no problema with that, I can record the electric drum set as an audio instrument.
When I use groove agent as an audio instrument, edition window shows correct synchronization (except in hihat) using Roland as a midi instrument.

The problem appears when I use them for recording Roland drums as a MIDI instrument, some notes are lost, and the music time is displaced. That occurs every ±4 or 5 quarter notes, when I use any pad (alone or making a song)
The problem is the same with or without interface (connecting the drums in the computer).

Can someone help me?
Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

I’m a bit confused from your description.

You are talking about a synchronization. Does it mean, you recorded the MIDI data to an internal Roland TD-25 sequencer (sorry, I don’t know this device, I don’t know if has any sequencer or not) and then you try to transfer it to Cubase?

Also, how is the connection? Does the Roland TD-25 has USB-MIDI, so you plug it directly to your computer cia USB? Or do you use MIDI cable to Focusrite and from Focusrite via USB to the computer?