Cubase 12 Mac, Big Sur, Monterey, minimum required?

Am I the only one shocked that Cubase 12 only runs on Big Sur minimum with Mac? I can’t imagine the thousands of producers still using Mac pro 5.1 that is limited to Mojave to run smooth… Is Steinberg planning to update this to covert Mojave at least?? Mojave is a 2018-2019 OS… are we supposed to buy a new Mac? I can’t believe this…


100% agree with you, even more so because I’m on Mojave. Planned to move to 12 is abort.


Upgraded 2013 Mac Pro to Big Sur just for Cubase Pro 12. Unfortunately it’s not a pleasant experience running 2020-2021 MacOS on a 2013 machine.

Cubase Pro 12 should make it compatible at least with Mojave.


I thought Mac studio could be the perfect choice and solution, but after some weeks talking and reading from other music producers, my sad conclusion is that all musician still using the old mac pro will not be able to switch to ma studio until 2023 most likely, because altough Cubase supports apple silicon and monterey , most plug ins and audio interfaces don’t, and seems will take a while for all of them to work on the new macs, so we must stay 1 year in mojave with cubase 11, and there is a lot of people in this situation… so… big mistake from Steinberg to exclude mojave so early…

Why blame Steinberg? Apple do this relentlessly, both to users and to vendors. They break their OS in terms of third parties all the time and prefernce shareholders over customers. Apple ALWAYS break things with every major update. Surley Apple users must be used to this by now - and why they are afraid of updates.

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NO! Big Sur was released less than a year and a half ago. RIDICULOUS. :rage:

One of the advantages to using 3rd-party mac software was you weren’t locked into planned obsolescence nearly as much as with Mac software. Steinberg just lost that edge. :thinking:

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Fwiw C12 Pro installed fine on Catalina, without any complaint.