Cubase 12, Macbook Air M2 and UA Apollo causes ASIO-guard to max out


Wonder if anyone had similar problems with this type of setup.
I bought a new Macbook Air October last year, and have had trouble with it since it was new. My studio setup is based on Apollo interfaces, I have 8p, 2 x 16 (silver) and a Twin mkII chained together. Macbook is set up to have 24 GB ram, and biggest HD.
Issue: ASIO-guard is maxing out causing audio dropouts and freezes audio output. I have tried two times to wipe the machine entirely, with no luck. Last time a week ago, and now running without any other plugins than UA. I had it running for 45 minutes, and switched the buffer size from 256 to 1024, because the ASIO-guard was almost maxing. I turned down, and one minute later, Cubase stops because ASIO-guard is maxing out. And this is a project with only 47 tracks with audio, no MIDI.
I have tried it with a RME Babyface Interface, and I don’t get any ASIO-guard max outs. ASIO-guard also acts complete different when I use the Babyface.
A friend of mine has a similar machine, and we tried to set it up exactly the same, and run my cubase-project on it, and the same thing happened to him. He has a Lynxs-inferface in his studio, and when we used that, it didn’t happen.

It happens randomly, with big variations in size of project and types of plugins. I have tried to find types of plugins that causes the ASIO-maxing, but have not be able to detect any specifics.

Does anyone has any similar experience?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

I don’t own UAD, but what I can observe on the forum, it seems, they have problem with the switch to the new Apple Silicon processor (M1 and M2).

Have you tried to start Cubase in Rosetta 2, please?

Thanks, Martin.

Everything is in Rosetta mode.

I tried to wipe the entire machine, and only install Cubase and UA software, and the same thing happens.


As you tweeted with other Audio Interfaces and you didn’t observe the issue, have you contacted UAD support, please?

I have the same problem with a MacBook Pro M1 and Antelope Discrete 4