Cubase 12 + Melodyne 5 Workflow

Hi folks! I am trying to use Cubase with Melodyne in the ARA mode.

What I am trying to do is, I have a vocal audio event where I set a certain melody with Melodyne (in ARA, having it as an extension), and then I need to copy the same audio event, but I would like to do some changes in the melody in this second clip (since this second melody would be a continuation of the previous one), without changing the previous one. Is this possible? Because if I do that and I change the melody, the previous also suffers the changes and I don’t want to.

If it is not possible, how would be the right way of working in Cubase with Melodyne with ARA to achieve such goal?

I’m not at my DAW so the details may be a bit off.

In the Project Window select the Audio you’ve tweeked with Melodyne. There is a function named something along the lines of ‘make ARA changes permanent’ in the Audio menu and maybe right+clicking on the Audio. This will render all your changes into a new regular audio file. Duplicate this and then use ARA to make changes to it.