Cubase 12 metronome volume control

Hi guys, I try to control the volume of the metronome in Cubase 12 in an agile way but I can’t find the way, I can’t find the agile and accessible volume control by default for the metronome, I come from working for many years with Cakewalk Sonar and this daw has by default a subgroup assigned to the metronome in the mixer, it is super accessible, routable and modifiable, wonderful!!!


I have tried to create a buss on the main out outputs and then assign the metronome to this output, to do something similar, but it does not obey the fader or the mute, however it does obey the Solo, CURIOUS!!!


Does anyone in the forum know of a solution, or should we send an email to Steimberg?

a hug to all

This can be done with ‘MIDI Remote’ (and of course a MIDI device)
Assign a rotary encoder to one of these options as you can see on the right pane in the screenshot.


That’s what I do and have a slider assigned on my keyboard for the volume.

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Yep, a slider or rotary encoder, whatever.
Works fine, I am really happy with this MIDI Remote feature.


First thanks for answering and contributing, it’s a good solution, but I think it’s not the definitive solution, I think Steimberg can do something more with its native metronome to give it a direct volume control somewhere in the daw (mixer, control room. …) , in programming it should not be very difficult for computer scientists, knowing that other daws already have it 15 years ago.

I have made this post in a constructive way, and hoping that someone from steimberg can see it and “take action on the matter”, I have also reported it as a direct note to steimberg, hoping that someone can provide a solution that we do not know of so far, maybe there is, we don’t find it.

In my case I can do it externally, that is… I route a new buss master to an output of my motu 828x card, which has 8 outputs, and I send it to my external control room mixer, and so if I can control the volume of the metronome for my clients instantly with direct control.

But I have done it for users who do not have the means to do it like this, it must be frustrating for them, something that can have a very simple programming solution, so that this can be done internally with Cubase’s virtual mixer.

Sorry for my English, I use google translate to be able to explain myself well in this highly technical topic.

Thank you all for contributing, a big hug

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The MIDI Remote is the ‘Steinberg’ solution to allow virtually everything to be controlled by any MIDI capable device.
So why would you want to have another volume control, hidden somewhere in a menu or just using valuable screen space?
The solution you offer, looks like a ‘more difficult workaround’ to me.
But anyhow, Cheers from Europe!

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Hello Fantom, I think you have not understood me correctly, I really did not want to provide any solution, it is simply the one I use temporarily, in my studio with my hardware this solution is very simple, because I have a lot of hardware and it is a pleasure to use it if you have it .

That is not the focus of the post, what I am denouncing is that the cubase metronome has very few routing possibilities, for me and for other users who also made their posts for this same reason, it is that not having a direct native control of the metronome volume is a major shortcoming.

I have spent hours getting lost in the alleys of Cubase to see how I can route and control the metronome in Cubase and it really is very limited, for example I can only route it to a main out bus, which is post-fader and only obeys Solo, nothing more, if it had a native volume control like other daws, it would be even easier than routing with midi, much easier, in fact I’ll give you some photos of Sonar 8, by default the metronome is one more subgroup, you can work it however you want :

Control volume, compress, eq, limit, volume automation… everything you can do with a normal channel you can do with the metronome.

And you will say… why do I need this?

Well… I, like other technicians who work like me, do it with very demanding and maniac musicians who want immediate changes to everything in their headphones, including the metronome, they have even asked me, for example… to lower the frequencies middle of the metronome, put a little reverb on it… there are many musicians with many hobbies and for this we need absolute control of the metronome in an accessible place where you can at least turn the volume up or down immediately from the screen without having to install a driver, because many users do not have this possibility.

Like I said before, other daws have it, it’s really easy for cubase programmers, and improving the daw is always good.

I think the way to improve Cubase is to put these needs that arise on the table, like this one, or like many others, for example… make a record like Studio One, which is light years away from Cubae’s primitive history. .

With this I do not want to open a debate to the death… nooooo!!!

…I’ve only been using cubase for a few months, I’m new… but I’ve been working since 1999 as a professional sound technician in TV, pro recording studios…etc… and I’ve worked since the beginning of daws and computers and I see that incredible things cubase!!! but there are some basic things that can be improved, and I think that being self-critical with cubase is the best way to make it better.

Now I am a defender of Cubase like you, so I am going to fight to improve it, I have thousands of hours in other Daws behind me and I think I can contribute my bit.

If we have an open mind we must recognize that having absolute and direct control of the metronome natively by default can be a basic need for many users, in fact… not having it means that the only source that we do not control in the mixer is the metronome, why?

A hug from Menorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

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Here are some photos of the mixer, inspector and metronome routing in another daw, in this case Cakewalk Sonar 8.5, from 2008… and other daws also have it like this or similar.

Sorry for how I upload the content, I’m also new to the forum, and above all thanks for your time and patience.

Okay, I read it all :smiley:

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My suggestion, going along with your requirement is to create a click track:

Render to audio, and you will have an audio track that allows playing around as you wish.


Maybe I’m missing something in your question but volume control for the metronome is most definitely available in the Control Room section, I use it all the time (including separate volume controls for the monitor section and the cues).


So,so true!! OMG it is simply common sense…

Common sense?? I let you know that in other daws with which I have worked, without going any further Sonar, you have it in a subgroup and you can route it wherever you want, with total freedom, even process it as if it were any track, for me the metronome as any other source of any use must be able to be placed anywhere in the matrix, that is common sense, as well as versatility and comfort.

I have been working with Cubase 12 for about 5 months and there are very interesting things like others that I see are still outdated, I could make a list of them.

I have moved a way from Cubase’s metronome when it comes to providing artists with a click track.
Instead, I have a collection of MIDI Tracks with different click patterns and beats in various time signatures. These tracks are all disabled in my templates. From this folder of MIDI Tracks I simply enable the one most suited for the song.
All of these MIDI Tracks in question are routed to an instance of Groove Agent SE.
The audio channels from Groove Agent are not routed to an output but instead is using sends. (I have replaced the key command C to toggle the bypass of one send so that it functions as with the built in metronome.)

I find many advantages to this method. I can easily change the click samples in Groove Agent, add/remove click from different sections of the project, route the click to specific outputs for monitoring… I haven’t looked back.

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Yes that’s what I meant I totally agree with you!!

What’s amusing to me is I’m in this thread at 2:39am because in my Control Room window there WAS a horizontal fader thing that I could tweek on and that I’ve been trying to hook up in a .js script but now (through the magic of Cubase) IS NOT SHOWING IN THE UI AT ALL.

It was there before. It is not there now.
I would like it back.

That is all I know.