Cubase 12 - Midi controller - Can't assign certain keys/knobs on Roland A-800 Pro

I’ve just purchased Cubase 12.
My Roland a-800 Pro keyboard never really linked with Cubase and i couldn’t solve it.
I was hoping that the new MIDI Remote integration in Cubase 12 will solve this but it didn’t.
the Midi Learn function only recognizes some of the keys.
It does not recognize the Knobs, faders and transport keys.
Cubase is showing an incoming Midi signal when i’m playing with these functions but it does not “catch” them.

Any solution around this?

Thank you

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Following this - have the same issue with my RD2000. The MIDI CC’s are definitely reaching Cubase when I turn a knob - but not being picked up by the MIDI remote editor .

Try control map 18 on Roland. (Roland A-800 Pro)

Any feedback? I switched to CC control map 18, but nothing happens. Anyone have simple instructions.? I also have a A-800pro. My sliders and knobs work, but I can’t get the transport to work to drive cubase.

Control map 1-3 is for cubase, but I think its could be Makie control protocol? (I didn’t test it, but somewhere in internet forums was that info : )

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That Mackie info was on same control map guide (next page) :slight_smile:

Steiny Is dropping the ball when it comes to my Roland A-800 pro, I have to ignore all the controller stuff, and use what I have been using for about 3 years, Mackie Control. Attached is how to set it up
Controlling Cubase With A-800 Pro.pdf (142.8 KB)