Cubase 12 Midi Remote Set up - system does not recognise Program Change messages

I’m trying to setup a Control Surface record for my Behringer FCB1010. It was already set up as a generic remote with transport controls operated by PC messages. The new system does not recognise the PC messages and so will not allow me to add the pedals to the screen in the Control Surface Editor.

Have I missed something in the way this works please (that would be nice)?

If not are there plans to add PC recognition in the future?

Is there a list of messages that are currently recognised?

For now I can continue to use the generic remote but I’m guessing otherwise I need to reprogram the FCB1010 before I can use the new system. Any help would be much appreciated.

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That’s true, it doesn’t. Maybe if you explain your expectation on program change messages within the MIDI Remote context, we can discuss that feature request in the development team.

Thank you Jochen for such a prompt and helpful response.

The presentation of this new feature suggests that I simply need to touch a control and the Editor will recognise it. Since that isn’t always the case I would wish that to be made clear. Perhaps the Editor could respond to unacceptable signals with a message of explanation. This also explains my request for a list of Midi signal types that are excluded.

Ultimately it would be better if the Editor could recognise and use those messages which are currently excluded.

Hope that’s not too negative - it’s still an important improvement and I am enjoying dongle free Cubase 12.

That’s a good idea, thanks a lot!

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I would find the addition of Program Change messages interesting if each of the 128 program change messages across 16 midi channels) could be used to trigger a different Key Command.

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I think I’m correct to say that the most likely MIDI pedal messages would be CCs , Note on/off and PCs. I’d be interested to understand the reason for excluding PCs.

From the point of view of my pedal board, it has 10 pedals accessed with 10 banks - i.e. 100 pedals - and the factory default is all PCs. To use them with the new editor I will have to reprogram them all (something of a pain but that’s not Steinberg’s fault of course).

Unless I have misunderstood…

It is a shame that neither the system nor documentation explain that only Note On/Off and CCs are recognised - which is what led me on this wild goose chase. But at least I know now :slight_smile:

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We excluded PC because they are mostly used to switch preset sounds in VSTis and we were unsure if that’d break user workflows.

Thank you very much for the insight Jochen.

I hope that others will say if that would be the case for them. However, wouldn’t that also be the case with Note On/Off messages which are recognised by the editor?

I’m guessing that it is unlikely that anyone would be using a Midi Controller for more than one purpose at a time - in which case it wouldn’t matter which type of messages are used in the new system, only that they are recognised.

As usual I recognise I may have missed something and would be very pleased to be told if that is so. It is surely interrupting my workflow as it stands :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone

I just hit the same problem with an old MIDI foot controller from yamaha and tried for hours to get the program change MIDI signal (shown in the MIDI-Monitor if you using a blank MIDI track) to work with the new cool MIDI Remote mapping feature in Cubase 12. Only after finding this post here I get now, that this is not suppose to work.

I get that this might be a problem to enable this by default, but maybe a manual selection by the user could be a workaround. My intuitive approach was to manually add a new button in the MIDI Control Mapper and look for the “Message” - Option “Program Change” (the dropdown on the right side).

I would really love to see that feature at some point.

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I have the same problem with my keyboard.
You don’t see the dynamic pads in the new editor. And I continue to use a generic remote.
my keyboard is -roland a800 pro.
I hope it will work out someday, I wish.

I want to update that the problem has been solved for me,
The solution for me was to set correctly in the input when opening the map at the beginning.
Good luck with you soon

for Cubase pro 12.5
set all the pedals on the FCB1010 to note values 22 through 31 . Load Cubase midi remote and draw out the pedal the set all the pedals on the notes and the same # values and tell them what to start in the editor.