Cubase 12 MIDI remote setup issues with Akai Advance 25

I can not configure my Akai Advance 25 controller with the new cubase 12 MIDI remote. as you will see in the images the correct input is not detected. the detected port is MIDI midi 2 instead of USB PORT 1

It’s not for lack of doing research but I couldn’t find a solution to my problem.

hier are images

See my post here if you haven’t sorted this, Gnox:

if I understand correctly I must have an external power supply for my Akai Advance 25? I’ve already tried everything but nothing works

Yes, I think it needs to be started/turned on with a wall wart first, and the connect to USB. Does the unit use a wall wart? All the boxes you see in my settings have to be duplicated. You have to uncheck the ‘MIDI CONNECTIONS’ boxes. From my experience, the USB options won’t show up if the MIDI connections are checked.

Show me a picture of your MIDI dialog box?

Normally Akai advance 25 is powered directly by the same user cable that connects it to the pc

OK, I understand. This will seem strange, but I think you NEED to power the Akai via the wall wart to make this work. Then, after it is powered up, plug in your USB cable to the DAW. Also, you will need to UN-tick all (3) the Akai MIDI PORT boxes in the Configuration Window if they show up. Leave ONLY the USB PORT ticked.

In the future, it might be possible to simply power the Akai up with the USB connection if you have the Akai MIDI PORTS UN-ticked. However, I think the first time you sync the USB to the DAW as a MIDI DATA connection, you need to USE THE WALL WART.

Good luck!

I forgot to specify that I was on the Cubase Elements version
I bought the Artist version and on this version the MIDI Port is the correct one and I manage to assign the controller correctly
but on the Elements version it still does not work

Hi Gnox, can you share your Akai Advance script? I’m already lost in setting up the piano keys layout. Seems it’s only possible diving into the script code?
Many Greetings

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Thank you very much Gnox. This is what I searched for. A point to start and optimize from :slight_smile: Maybe by comparing to other scripts for novation devices or similar we can solve the remaining issues…