Cubase 12 MIDI Remote tied to focus

I’ve created some remote buttons (using the new MIDI Remote creation) to select the mixer view configurations 1-8.

I’m finding that focus has to be on the mixer for the button commands to work. I want to click the button and have the mixer reflect the new view, regardless of which panel is currently in focus.

If I have to first click on the mixer every time for this to be made to work it rather removes the usefulness of the feature.

Is there any way to fix this?

I believe that pressing the F3 (the default command for viewing mixer 1) - assuming that you use this one - will do the job.


That’s just swapping a mouse-click for a function button press, though? I’m not wanting to do that - I just want the mixer to switch view without swapping focus - just like it does from a Mackie Controller device (e.g. Behringer X-Touch), for instance.

Plus I see no way to assign more than one function to a MIDI Remote button, so I can’t add a preceding ‘F3’ to my configuration switch. Plus I wouldn’t want focus to switch to the mixer when I’m in the Arrange Page and press a MIDI Remote button.

At this stage the MIDI Remote and Mackie Control seem to behave differently - I don’t think they should.

Actually you can setup more than one page for each midi remote device that is in use. Changing page through Mapping Page Action you can have different result for the same midi command. This means that you have to sacrifice a few buttons to do the navigation. Although this isn’t exactly what you are looking for

Thanks again.

I can see what you’re saying, but that does seem quite a sledgehammer to crack this nut. I think the way it works right now is simply not as it should be.

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Ok, I think there is a way to achieve this. Creating a macro that is calling mixer at first and then the configuration you like to use, then assign it to your favorite button.

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Good idea, but I already tried that - doesn’t work for me. Unless I’m doing something wrong.