Cubase 12 MIDI Remote with Novation Launchkey - not global?

The remote MIDI mapper works fine - but it appears to save PER PROJECT, not globally? I have set the 8 faders of the controller to be the VOLUME of the first 8 GROUP CHANNELS that I have in my projects (ie. Drums, Bass, Rhythm Guitars etc). BUT when I open another project, despite selecting the SAME saved Map in the Mapping Editor, the controller faders now change volume on standard audio tracks, not even in sequence, but not the GROUP channels. What am I missing?

I think you are creating your own MIDI remote mapping and that this conflicts with the standard Script that ships with Cubase. Upon opening Cubase, the ‘Original script from the manufacturer’ is reloaded.
Look here: D:\Documents\Steinberg\Cubase\MIDI Remote\Driver Scripts\Public\novation\launchkey_mk3_49
Your alterations to the script are in the ‘Local’ folder

I noticed in the screenshot that the Mapping assistant is indicating Mappings for a ‘Default 2’ page. I wonder where that came from.

yes I need my own settings (not sure whether that is a “script”), as the basic default Novation config does not assign these faders to any Group volumes. The issue is that while I can map the faders easily to the GROUP VOLUME in my project, in my next project the same settings do not work, even if I reload my “default 2” which is my config. It’s not global, that is the query I have?

I want to assign 8 Novation Faders to Groups 1-8 in my Mixer - forever ! How can I do that?

Not sure (just being honest)
But it is possible to customize the Novation launchkey using Novation Components or the equivalent browser version.
I’d go there and change the CC values for the faders. Then I would check how it behaves as MIDI remote device (with the Novation script) and with your self assigned MIDI mappings.
On my launchkey 37 (which has no faders), there are only 3 buttons available for a custom mapping. The Novation script has control over most knobs/buttons.
As I already mentioned: The standard factory script overwrites whatever changes you make every time Cubase is loaded,

The easiest way I can think of is to always have these Groups first in track order, maybe in a template. So that Groups 1-8 always correspond to channels 1-8 in the first 8channel bank of the remote.

Hi @ggmanestraki thanks so much ! That is the fix. I just need to make sure the 8 GROUP tracks are at the top, then the faders 1-8 map correctly.

It’s something Steinberg should look at, enabling Launchkey and other MIDI remotes to have a global config, but I guess there’s a zillion options so not easy.

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From what I’ve gathered, the plan is to have the MIDI remote respect Visibility Agents. So, no matter how you have your tracks laid out, if there are 8 groups in the mixconsole, scattered in the 4 corners of it, if you recall a Visibility configuration of “Just Groups” (for example) with a key command, once you move the faders, they will be controlling just the 8 faders on the screen (that happen to be those 8 groups)

It’s going to be awesome! :partying_face: :sunglasses: