Cubase 12 multiple mackie controllers

Ok i am a newbie to Cubase 12 coming from Studio One. In S1 I can connect my Faderport 8 controller as a control surface, my XTouch-One as an additional control surface for Master Channel and use my Atom SQ as both a controller and midi input device and Komplete Kontrol 61 keyboard for both control and midi input…
In Cubase 12 I can use one and only one of these devices as adding any of the others completely confuses the system and stops all from working Correctly.
Am I correct in surmising that Ccubase only allows one Mackie controller and if so why is it so limited?
If anyone knows how to correctly set up Cubase to fully utilise these pretty standard controllers all together I would greatly appreciate some assistance in what I am doing wrong.


No, Cubase supports multiple Mackie Control Devices. It glues them to one system. So if you have 1 Mackie Control Pro and then Mackie Control XT (Extender), you get 16 channels to control (8+8). What I can imagine, Cubase is confused by Touch-One, which doesn’t offer 8 channels, but only 1. So if you connect Faderport 8 and Touch-One, you should be able to control 9 channels. I don’t know, if this is the case.

I connected Faderport 8 as per Presonus manual and it works as expected. I then connect X-Touch One and it does come up at Channel 9 but Faderport controls Zoom, channel and Bank no longer work and I can’t select or show channel 10. Have to remove 2nd Mackie control to get it working again.
Maybe it only works in Cubase if both controllers have same number of channels but they all work great in Studio One.


Try to swap the MIDI In and Out ports of the 1st and the 2nd Mackie Device. I mean the devices ports.

Thanks for the assist martin but tried swapping positions and ports with no better luck. Maybe it will work with an extender of the same type but I have run out of ways to try and get both a Faderport 8 and X-Touch ONE co-operating together .
I’m a musician not a programmer so simply can’t be bothered wasting any more time on this and will just stick with Studio One where it works seamlessly out of the box.
Thanks for trying to help though.