Cubase 12 Multitap delay issue

Hi there,

I’ve already posted this in another topic, but i think it deserves it’s own topic.

I’ve just realized that Steinberg’s Multitap delay (which i use a lot) uses much more CPU in 12 than in 11, especially distortion module in it.
When i bypass it in 11, CPU meter goes down just a bit, and when i do that in 12, it goes down 1/4 of whole meter.

I thought that was worth mentioning because maybe it can help solving performance issue many of us have switching from 11 to 12.


Could you post GIFs to show the difference ?
Also you are talking about the performance meter that goes down when you bypass the plugin, but is at least the meter in C12 much higher than in C11 when not bypassed ?

The performance meters are not the same in 11 and 12.
There was a significant change in how they show the system load.

Will do it on monday, since i’m away now.
The thing is that when i play a specific bar in that project in 11, it goes smooth, and when i play the same bar in 12, it can’t even start because cpu is maxed out. Then, i turn the multitap delay off or bypass it and cpu usage meter goes down for 1/4. So, as i said, something is wrong with multitap delay in 12 as it became a cpu hog which it wasn’t in 11.

I get that, but same project and the same bar can’t play in 12, and i could play that normally in 11, so i doesn’t have to do anything with meter, but with multitap because it is a huge cpu hog right now in my case.