Cubase 12/ Nektar P1/LX25+ Setup

Hi, I have Cubase 12 and I want to use two Midi devices at the same time. So that I can easily switch from one to the other and not have reconfigure.

I’m new to the Controller Sufaces/Keyboard thing.

I have a Nektar P1 Controller and a Nektar LX25+. Both are USB .

Does anyone else use a similar setup?

How do you set this up? Can you?

Thank you for your time and input.

Hello BBoy,

I don’t have these controllers, but I’d try this first:
Install the Nektar software, plug in the devices and have a look in Cubase on how these devices appear. (In Studio → Remote devices (Legacy))
Additionally, you may want to use MIDI Remote to map your Nektar P1 to the Cubase functions you choose.

Hi Fantom, thanks for the information.
The devices work independetly. Just need to know how to setup so both can work at the same time and not conflict. I assume it would the same for any two controllers/keyboards



I don’t expect ‘conflicts’. Both devices will have their own unique identity.

Hi Fantom, thanks for the information. That is good they have their own identify. I will look into this .
Thank you