Cubase 12 - no "MIDI out" option for VST3 instrument (Captain Plugins Epic)

Bit of an odd one this…

I’ve installed MixedInKey’s Captain Epic suite of plugins, both VST2 & VST3 (no option not to install VST2). But when I try to route the MIDI output of one of them (e.g. Captain Chords) to another instrument track, no sound is heard. This is only an issue with the VST3 version.

To get Cubase to “see” the VST2 version I remove the VST3 files from the usual folder & rescan, & the VST2 versions show up. The MIDI routing then works fine.

I’ve noticed though that when selecting the MIDI input for the ‘target’ instrument track, the option for VST2 is “Captain Chords Epic - MIDI OUT” but for the VST3 version the option is “Captain Chords Epic - Event Output”.

So it seems that there is no “MIDI OUT” for the VST3 version.

Other VST3 plugins have the “MIDI OUT” option available.

Is this a problem specific to the Captain plugins or am I missing something? What is “event output”?



It works like this by specification. Cubase prefers the newer, more modern version of the VST standard.

To me it looks like the plug-in problem.

Hi Martin, thanks. Yep I know about the VST2/VST3 preferencing format, I just mentioned that for completeness. That said, as an aside, in the Plug-in Manager, sometimes both VST2 & VST3 versions of a plugin show up…

But RE: my main point, I suspected it might be a plug-in issue. Is “event output” equivalent to “MIDI out”?