Cubase 12 no sounds in the project window

I can only receive sounds from media bay on the right side. For instruments or any audio data inserted in the project window I have no sound


Edit: The issue is that for whatever reason, the new project did not automatically add the default sound device to the stereo output.
To fix, you have to press F4 and then choose your device for the stereo output. This should not be a thing but I guess it is.

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Thank you!

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there is no sound in the cubase 12,its playing with blu light but no sound

Same problem here. All settings seem fine and playing with blue light but no sound… Any ideas?

Thank you!! Makes sense now, but I struggled quite a bit with this. It made zero sense however why the settings had suddenly changed overnight. :person_shrugging:

When I press F4 it show that my Focusright is connected. I am very new to all of this. I see posts on here where people say they need screenshots. I’m happy to supply them, but will need to know what you need screenshots of. I have a bunch of VST instrument tracks I recorded and when I laid down a vocal I could see it but not hear it. So I tried to fix it and now I cannot hear ANYTHING! All the tracks are there and visually they look like they are playing,m but no sound comes out. I don’t know what to do. I’ve watched videos and nothing is working no matter what I try. One video suggested pasting my presets into my user folder, which I did, but that didn’t help either.

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