Cubase 12 no valid license found

Cubase 12 cant detect my license in computer, but Steinberg Activation Manager detect my license. Before,i install cubase 12 in my laptop and works perfectly. I use newest version of Cubase 12 and Steinberg Activation Manager

I had a similar problem the other day. My solution (not sure which step did it… I did a few things at once) was to DEACTIVATE, update Steinberg Activation Manager, sign-out of SAM, sign back in to SAM, Activate Cubase…

That fixed it for me.

I mean, is this a joke?
I’m in the middle of exporting stems out of Cubase for an artist, and I’m getting “No Valid License” as well as being logged out as a user from.

Now, that’s even better - the goddamn Steinberg Activation manager, which decided to update itself, won’t update properly, and we end up with an error after all.

Thank god, almighty restart of the machine helped, and there are no more invalid licenses errors, at least.

Jesus christ, what a joke is this interface.

I’m surprised you could think clearly enough to restart the machine and solve the problem. You weren’t coming across as a smooth professional operator, and it’s really surprising you performed the simple task of “basic DAW usage” without freaking out. Kudos!