Cubase 12 no valid license found

Cubase 12 cant detect my license in computer, but Steinberg Activation Manager detect my license. Before,i install cubase 12 in my laptop and works perfectly. I use newest version of Cubase 12 and Steinberg Activation Manager


I had a similar problem the other day. My solution (not sure which step did it… I did a few things at once) was to DEACTIVATE, update Steinberg Activation Manager, sign-out of SAM, sign back in to SAM, Activate Cubase…

That fixed it for me.


I mean, is this a joke?
I’m in the middle of exporting stems out of Cubase for an artist, and I’m getting “No Valid License” as well as being logged out as a user from.

Now, that’s even better - the goddamn Steinberg Activation manager, which decided to update itself, won’t update properly, and we end up with an error after all.

Thank god, almighty restart of the machine helped, and there are no more invalid licenses errors, at least.

Jesus christ, what a joke is this interface.


I just have to give a UP in this topic. It keeps happening here sometimes when I simply set a different input in control room, Cubase Pro 12 crashes, then when I try to reopen it comes “no valid license”. It could be that the internet is unstable. But wasn’t this thing of “no dongle” to be independent of internet?
Restarting the computer always solves the problem. But it is a pain in the ass. Come on steinberg…


Humans can get angry when ridiculous and unnecessary problems repeat and hamper their productivity. Guy seemed to make a valid point, suffering from which brought me here.
Why are you so quick to judge? Or even posting on this thread?
Updating Steinberg Download Ass started this issue for me: “Can’t update Activation Manager,” and then “No valid licence.”
Restarting didn’t help. Maybe restarting again will.
How can such a large and wealthy company with such a massive user-base make still be making such errors?

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Same here since 2 days on my laptop. I can’t start Cubase 12, Wavelab Pro 11, Halion 7, Groove Agent 5.
I can’t even logoff the Activation Manager. The cirlcle at the bottom of the windows keeps running for hours until I force to end it via the Taskmanager. On my main PC there are no problems, though. Strang. Any help is appriciated.

I tried to install my Cubase 11 licence on two computers with a single floating dongle, which failed. Steinberg’s solution was to upgrade to Cubase 12 as it doesn’t have a dongle. I did, and now I’m here.

This happened today for me for the third or fourth time. I decided to reboot, and when I did, Windows went through an update. Is it possible there’s a conflict with Cubase 12 whenever Windows signals there’s a new update? (By the way, Cubase started up cleanly after the reboot.)

Happening to me too in the middle of a big project. Same thing; Exporting stems nd then anything I try to do after gives me the Invalid License alert. Very frustrating.
I can’t wait the week or so it takes for Steinberg to get back to customers.
If someone has a solid fix, please reply.

I came to the only conclusion that the steinberg license manager app is poorly written and easily crashes, look in task manager, it has to be running under Cubase tree, if not then it crashed. Restart and look again.

I solved these issues by blocking Cubase Licensing from accessing the internet using a utility program called NetLimiter. Works like a charm.


Just an fyi for others, this would not fix problems of “Cubase 12 no valid license found”

Correct, it solves the issue of the “No Valid License Found” when Cubase is correctly activated, at least for me.

I’m full of licenses, and Cubase does not want to start.
Me, like people at Steinberg, have no time for this kind of jokes.
I’m in the middle of a production.
It is incredible.
I’m blocked since some hours. I have contacted Steinberg support.

I have been having issues since I purchased CB 12 from a reputable online retailer, hoping that these issues will go away.
This afternoon/evening I followed the suggestion(s) of several “Steinberg” support personnel.

  1. I updated and installed a current version of Windows 10.
  2. Updated my NVIDIA drivers, installing ONLY the “graphics” drivers as suggested, i.e. NOT installing the “audio” drivers.
  3. Shut down the laptop.
  4. Upon launching CB 12, I was immediately told that a “Serious Graphics Error” was encountered, and the program would close.
    5, I shut down the computer once again, AND removed the battery.
  5. I reinstalled the original “full version” NVIDIA drivers (4200M) drivers.
  6. Launched CB12 again.
  7. See #4.
    I am at my wits end. I’ve been posting on this forum since I purchased this software. The only response I get it from ******* asking for >dmp" files (whick I have uploaded.
    I have noticed that this ****** person asked "for “.dmp” files consistently. I think it’s a bot. Not a human.
    As a former Technical Support engineer, this is, at least, dereliction and complete disregard for your customer, people on this forum as being embarrassed having this CRASH TIME AND AGAIN. This is so absurd… I’ve FIRED people for less.
    There should be some recourse for this negligence and distributing a product for world wide consumption to people who have been loyal customers, and being subject to this abuse.

PS: This was in response to the OP. My CB 12 license was not found either, and my CB10 license is no longer valid.

Same thing here. I was simply using Cubase and it it decided to freeze while loading a plugin. Had to terminate it. Suddenly it says no license and the manager doesn’t wanna start either. Super fun when you’re trying to be creative AND you have an important job you need to finish.
If a restart doesn’t work I’m gonna be extremely pissed.

I trashed the CB 12, and got Ableton 11 and now I’m making music.
Problems solved.

This happens ALL THE TIME FOR ME. Rebooting computer is only solution. Pain when you have to do that 1-2 times a day when schedules are tight. Longing for the e-lic days. :frowning:

If you’re sure that the most recent version of Steinberg Activation Manager is installed and you’re still experiencing difficulties with Cubase 12 licensing, the best way to get help is to contact our support team.