Cubase 12 not compatible with Windows 8.1?

Hi, I’m trying to install Cubase 12 Artist on my PC running Windows 8.1 Pro, but it gives a message that I need Windows 8.1 or higher for it to work . I have Cubase 11 artist installed and running without an issue. Does this mean i have to upgrade to Windows 10? Many thanks!

Scrolled down to Cubase 12 → Windows 10

It says Windows 10 64 bit. Same as Cubase 11, but I have installed that on Windows 8.1 Pro, so I dont get it.

It is not supported for either Cubase 11 or 12 on Windows 8. It might work, it might not. Just like any other incompatible piece of software or hardware or driver. It is however not supported, not tested.
What more is there to understand?

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I totally understand. But Steinberg has created some confusion around this. The message that comes up when trying to install 12 is that it requires Windows 8.1 Pro and higher, not Windows 10 or higher.
Anyhow, I’ll just forget version 12 and wont bother with future updates.
Thank you for your input!

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You can just simply look this up. It took me 2 clicks in Google:
64-bit Windows 10 Version 21H2 (or higher), 64-bit Windows 11 Version 21H2 (or higher)

Looks like somebody missed that.

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