Cubase 12 not recognizing UAD Apollo twin


So this was working the other day, but for some reason when I open cubase 12 now it’s not seeing my UAD Apollo Twin X.

If I open Cubase 11 everything is fine. It’s kind of especially odd since cubase 12 was working fine not long ago and I haven’t done any updates to anything.

Anyone have any ideas on a fix? All other audio is working fine with my Apollo except cubase 12.


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got it. Just had to go to studio setup and re-add my apollo

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My Motu M2 is suddenly not seen in Cubase 12. Nothing comes up under audio except the cpu’s internal audio system? YouTube and audio files play fine thru the sound card but no connection to Cubase?


I have exactly the same issue where Apollo does not show as a soundcard option in Studio but works perfectly on everything other than Cubase 12
. Did you solve it? thanks Phil

oh yeah i just had to go back under Studio> Studio Setup> Add Device and just re-add my apollo then it was all back to normal!


Anyone know why Apollo falls offline?

@Synthberg Solution:
You must go first in “Studio set up” and select the interface driver there, AND go to "audio connection " and then again select in there for your outputs and inputs.
Hope this helps.