Cubase 12 … not responding when quitting

i am using an imac m1 … i have cubase 11 and 12 and have started using version 12. sometimes when i QUIT or SAVE FILE, i get the color wheel of death.
i THINK it only happens when i leave my computer for a number of hours , or if i leave it running (launched) and i get back to it the next day.
i wonder if some kinds of processes are running at different times of the day and messing with the loaded cubase programming.
before i wrote this , i had to force quit (monterey with ur12 interface)… and then relaunched cubase , called up my project and did a quit right away. it did quit cause ….


Make sure all your plug-ins are up to date, please.

Do you start Cubase 12 in the Native or Rosetta mode, please?

hi Martin.
‘run under rosetta’ is not checked, so it’s Native
( i opened TERMINAL under rosetta, and it didn’t complain, so i guess Rosetta is installed)

I have been only using Halion 6 and Scaler2 d lately and i believe they are up to date (as per scalar2 site, and i just bought Halion 6 and its 6…40.159 which i believe is also the latest).
This updating is good to know, as i will be using other plug=ins and will check that they are up to date if cubase stalls again .
Might I guess that I should run Cubase under rosetta to ensure its a little more stable ?
thanks Martin.


Please, try it and we will see the result.