Cubase 12 not showing the VST Gui

Addictive Drums 2 not showing GUI on Cubase 12

the funniest thing it only happened in Cubase 12 , and works fine in Cubase 11

But Im Planning to switch full to 12 so anyone have the solution ?
Thank you in advance

Are you using the VST2 or VST3 version? (don’t think that makes a major difference, but who knows).
Are you using OpenGL with AD? You can check that in the settings:

Maybe try switching it off in C11 and try again in C12?
Also, are you using the latest version of AD2? (2.3.2 build 221027, at least here on Win10)

Also, is this the latest version of Cubase 12? Are you running in Rosetta or M1/Apple Silicon Native mode? (Cubase 11 runs in Rosetta mode, since it doesn’t support Apple Silicon)

I’m running Monterey. I installed two versions of Cubase 1 1 and 12.