Cubase 12 NOT starting in safe mode

Everybody else is complaining about Cubase starting up in safe mode when it shouldn’t I have the opposite problem: I need it to start up in safe mode but I can’t get it to do that.

I hold down the Ctrl-Shift-Alt keys and then start Cubase on Windows. It asks me whether I want Cubase Pro or Cubase Artist. I click on Pro (I have a license for it) and it continues to start up normally. Never brings up the safe mode dialog. I can force the safe mode dialog by brutally killing the program in Window’s task manager. Next time I start it, it will come up in safe mode.

It makes no difference whether I use the left or right Ctrl key or the left or right Shift key. Using the laptop keyboard or an external keyboard doesn’t make a difference either.

What can I do to bring up safe mode reliably?

The safe mode procedure is reliable, in the usual cases…

Yours isn’t one of them : do the Artist version is also of a Cubase 12 generation ? Additionaly, how do you start Cubase ?

I think I have found the problem.

I have a link in my Windows taskbar through which I start Cubase. Holding down the CTRL-SHFT-Alt keys when starting Cubase through the link wasn’t working. But when I double clicked right on the Cubase.exe file in the installation folder it did work.

So that’s the solution, as far as I’m concerned. Actually, this might merit a mention in a manual somewhere.

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