Cubase 12 Notepad

Hi there !
After reading a bit around, i can consider me as a lucky guy !
Everything worked fine installing C12 !
I’m already working with, on some projects and this morning i noticed a problem with bloc note (notepad), wich i was using for this session.
The trouble is that nothing was saved in it, at re-opening…
the only things that had been saved is size and position of the windows, but it comes totaly empty !
i also had troubles with earlier versions, where se size of contain was not saved…
it should be nice to solve all that, and why not add a few editing functions ?!!!
Personnally i use this tool in several way, so it’s usefull !

thanks for reading !

I din’t found a way to edit so i answer myself to give more précisions
Tested a bit more and, notepad works with a few characters,
but i’m working on audiobooks at the moment
this one is not a very big, only 120 pages, but seemly already too much for C12 notepad…
i use it for control, when mounting because it’s more handy than handle the text with external software…

Not sure how to solve your problem with the notepad in Cubase, but you could try the free notepad from Melda. It’s part of their free bundle.


Thanks for answering me, SF_Green !
I 'll may-be try it but i hope developers will do something…
For the moment the easiest way i found is to copy from docx to notepad at each begin of mounting session. that means a few days each time…

Also thanks for the link !
I just had a look at it and yes, it seems to have everything that should be in cubase !!!
But to have it it’s about 600Mo to download, first…

Thanks again !

I used to use Melda but switched to this because I like it better. It offers a bit more.

Sorry I can’t offer a clue about the core issue with the Cubase notepad not working.

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Yes, the Melda installer includes everything, but you get to select what you want to install. In your case you could just install Notepad. If you don’t have a high-speed connection, I can understand this would be an issue. On the plus side, you could also install all their free plugins once you’ve downloaded the installer. It’s a pretty nice package for free.

@Greg_Purkey Many thanks for your link !
I’m gonna give it a try, as it seems to be a good and light temporary alternative, as long as C12 notepad won’t be improved or enhanced…

thanks SF_Green !
I saw that i could choose at install, on Melda’s site, but you’re also right, I have a slow connection…
thought, i give up that it seems to have nice options…
Out of that, I already tried Mplug’s for a while and they’re sure not bad, but i already have so much choices…
Anyhow, i really appreciate your help !
have a nice day !

After testing VSTNotepad, i can say’s it works as i expexted, even if it’s a vst2 plug…
No load on core… and you can anyway deactivate the plug while using it !
Nice options in preferences too !
Only one grey point, inside text position is not saved,… (as in C12 and before) but it’s really a very small pain.
so i have my solution !
Great thank for your help @Greg_Purkey !

Unfortunately users sometimes mistake the 2 different Cubase notepads, and I’m not sure which one you are referring to. You said bloc notepad?

There is the mix console Notepad. This is where you make notes for individual channels.

Then there is the Notepad which opens an adjustable sized blank area to make notes that is available for the entire project.

Both of these are pretty rudimentary. You can’t copy/paste etc. The only thing you can do is delete/change.

As you discovered the 3rd party VST Note pad for the mix console allows much more functionality including many different fonts. There are a few other similar 3rd party notepad applications. There is one that even includes pictures.

And fyi, the mix console note pad does not work for Line In channels

I used ‘‘bloc notepad’’ because in my french version it’s called ‘‘bloc note’’ !
And of course i’m talking about ‘‘general’’ notepad, where you also can zoom the text even if changes won’t be saved

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