Cubase 12 Object routing for Dolby Atmos


I’m trying to have a look at the Cubase Atmos facilities but ran into something I do not understand.
Initially I’m routing all my audio channels to the bed group channel as advised. This way all these channels also get the correct panner.
However if I then change one of the tracks to be an object (in the ADM authoring dialog), the track remains routed to the bed group channel. So that track may be an object in Atmos (as I see in the ADM dialog), but it is also still part of the bed. Is that how it is intended to be setup? I would think the track should not be routed to the bed anymore but be totally independent. What am I missing ? :wink:


Did you ever get this figured out? Having the same issue.

I thinks so. The routing does not matter anymore for a track that you turned into an object, as it is sent to the renderer plugin via a send instead. When you solo your object track, you will see that there is no actual signal routed to the ATMOS BED group channel. But the signal does end up in the ATMOS BUS where you inserted the renderer plugin. I actually made a video on my YouTube channel of all of this: Dolby Atmos for home studios in Cubase 12 - YouTube