Cubase 12 on Mac iOS ? Anyone?

Thinking of switching to Mac iOS.
Would like to get some info.
Does it run smooth? any issues ?


I don’t really get your question. Do you mean iOS? That’s the OS for iPhone etc. and you would run Cubasis on it but not Cubase 12. Or do you mean Mac OS?
If MacOS is what you mean I can say from my experience that Cubase 12 is running smoothly on my Mac OS 12 Monterey Silicon M1 machines.

Hello Tom,
Yes correcting myself. On Mac OS.
Would need some info here please for my personal knowledge. Are you running in your projects audio tracks, plug-ins simultaneously with some virtual instruments with no issues at all?
What audio interface you’re using ?
Thanks for getting back to me.


I’m running audio and Midi tracks with VSTis in parallel. I’m using RME Babyface Pro and RME Digiface USB Soundcards which are working flawlessly.

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