Cubase 12 OS requirements (Mac)

The website seems to suggest Cubase 12 won’t run on Mac OS 10.15. Is that the case? I’m on 10.15.7.

I have the same macOS 10.15.7 and it works good so far. I have an intel MacBook Pro i9 processor.


Thanks, Gary.

I went ahead and downloaded it; installed okay and launched. I haven’t tried using it yet but it’s promising so far.

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I also have an i9 Macbook Pro running Catalina 10.15.7, so this is encouraging news. Thank you.

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So far everything is good. I purchased the laptop because I didn’t know how long all my software will catch up to M1. I have been thinking about going up to Big Sir as a lot of software seems to have caught up.

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Yeah - I was considering that too. But I probably won’t 'til I really really have to.

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I’m in the same boat as you guys but I bought an iMac in the fall of 2020 to get in on the last generation of i9 chips. I haven’t done a thorough analysis of which of my plug-ins would quit working in Big Sur but there’s always surprises. The main thing here is most of my Waves plug-ins are not supported beyond 10.15 so I’d have to pay $240 to upgrade them. Which isn’t backbreaking but I only use them sporadically (mostly the Abbey Road stuff) so it’s not a very practical use of money.