Cubase 12 out now!

Hi all,

It’s Wednesday and we are very happy to announce the immediate availability of Cubase 12.

You can find all details on the new features on the product pages that have just been released:

The documentation is also already available at:

The release notes for Cubase 12 with some more in-depth information are also available at

As always we are very interested in your feedback and we would appreciate your participation in our official Cubase 12 survey as soon as you made up your mind about our latest release:

If there are questions on the release, the team and I will try to answer as many of them as possible within the next days and weeks here in the forum.

Thank you for your support! We hope that you will enjoy Cubase 12!

All the best,


Tried to upgrade license from 11 to 12.
Not possible.

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When will this be available on the student discount page?

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There is a lot of traffic on the good old eLicenser server right now. Please have some more patience.


Yes, I tried this already 4-5 times.
I will try further…

I also haven’t been able to upgrade the license, but, after I finally do upgrade the license, will I be able to launch Cubase without the dongle? What if I have an UR44, will the effects included with that hardware need the dongle anyway? (including the UR44 desktop mixer).

Where can I get more information about the new license system? I need to know on how many devices can I use Cubase.

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Use the new Steinberg Activation Manager. e-licenser does not work with v12.

The Download assistant tried to upgrade the license in the dongle, I don’t need to do that? I launched the new Activation Manager and activated Cubase 12, but the Download Assistant doesn’t have Cubase 12 for me to download.

You will get to the Cubase 12 download in the Steinberg Download Assistant (SDA) when you enter the DAC (Download Access Code) in there.


I don’t know what SDA and DAC mean… sorry…

There’s got to be a written procedure on how to do this transition. It is confusing.

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SDA = Steinberg Download Assistant
DAC = Download Access Code

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Wow - very nice

I’m in the grace period, how do I get my upgrade code?

Ok. I need to launch the SDA, enter the DAC and upgrade the license on the dongle? When I enter the DAC it tells me to upgrade the license.

3 Can be active at any one time:-

You are free to deactivate machines at your convenience, although right now if a machine was to break and you couldn’t be online to deactivate it, you would need to contact Steinberg to have that activation cleared.

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Please have a look here: Grace Period Update to Cubase 12 - #2

Ok. Now I have the Cubase 12 available to download in my products tab, so I didn’t need to upgrade the license as the SDA wanted to?

Why don’t you want to upgrade? You want to use Cubase 12, but you don’t want to upgrade?

I don’t know how to explain. Do I need to upgrade the license in the dongle? (that’s what the SDA is trying to do when I enter the DAC). Will I use the dongle for Cubase 12?

That’s why I think there should be written instructions with steps, on how to do the transition.

Here you go: