Cubase 12 panning trouble

Hey everyone,

I have a rather weird issue with cubase 12.
So, i’ve tried to create a new template, where I used Kontakt for GetGoodDrums. Then i’ve tried to set it Up with multiple outputs from Kontakt. I enabled those outputs in Cubase for the drum-track. But when i tried to pan the toms around nothing happened and here is, where it got weird. When I used the panning control in the main window of cubase I heard something change and it was the first stereo out, which was usually the overhead stereo track.
So i’ve tried to so stereo panning in a different drum program with Kontakt (mixwave gojira) with the same result. But with mixwave i had the option to do panning inside Kontakt, but the panning knob behaved Llke a volume control. So always the first channel changed the panning, no matter which subchannel i tried to pan differently.
After a while i realized that changing the panning in the mixer and not in the main window behaved the way i wanted it to. But the changes were not visible in the main window, so I couldn’t see that the panning for the track was changed (when I changed it in the main window you could see a change in the first channel as audible but not the correct one). Everything else works perfectly fine, just the subchannel panning behaviour is crazy. To be clear, changing panning in the mixer works fine, but changing it in the main window leads to that weird behaviour.
There were microsoft udates, which I deactivated with no difference. The only thing I changed was a Controller. I used the Panorama P1 which I deinstalled including the software for it to work properly and now I am using an Akai MPK261. So I guess there is some problem with the change of those controllers, but I have absolutely no idea how to solve this.
Does anyone have an idea for the solution?

Thanks a Lot in advance
Felix :slight_smile:

I use a Panorama P1 with no problems. It replaced an Akai MidiMixer which occasionally had problems. Could it be the Akai?

Panning in the main window? Can you explain what you mean?

The main window would be the usual GUI.
So the place where you add your channels, record, so automations and so forth and rhe mixer would be the mixer.

For me the Nektarine Software did something weird with copied tracks, that’s why I decided to use something Else…i guess the only thing left would be to reset everything controller-wise again and Hope that this resolves the issue. But it would still be weird, that the controller makes the GUI of the main Windows not change the track of the subchannel that I am panning, but the first instead, meanwhile the same operations in the mixer work the way they’re supposed to.

Yeah, I avoided Nektarine. I just installed the non-Nektarine Cubase DAW implementation for the Panorama P1 and it works perfectly for me.

reberclark was right.
It was the Akai.
So i had to change my setup and now it is working again.