Cubase 12 performance issue

I’m having a problem I can’t work

The problem is that I have all tracks that do not contain any midi, only one plugin from waves , no matter the size of the buffer

I am facing a very high peak. when i recording ERROR Audio Drop Out .

I did not face this problem before, I do not know what caused it. I updated the latest version and the same problem

when i drag one VSTI Kontakt or Arturia i cant work at all only 1



Use the LatencyMon utility to test your system, please.

128 GB RAM
2 TB M.2 SSD

martin is referring to this program:
Resplendence Software - LatencyMon: suitability checker for real-time audio and other tasks

you don’t need to run Cubase for this. Run Latency mon a see if you have latency problems, it seems likely from what you tell us.

from here you can diagnose which drivers are causing problems

oh thank u …

Looks like you have two antivirus installed and running on your system.

That’s a very bad idea.

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The problem started with me and I didn’t have any antivirus only Windows Defender

I downloaded the antivirus to see if my system is clean or not, and I will erase them and just use Windows Defender as usual.

But the problem exists with them or without them knowing that I did not change anything
All I did was update to the latest Cubase version 12.0.40 and I found the performance bad. I re downloaded the previous version 12.030 and found that the problem is present even on the old version Before that 12.0.30 was good for me

You can also download older versions of C12 to check if the problem is still there.

If plugins are not updated to their latest version, they could have bad performance in C12. So bring them all uptodate and try again!

try to disable the network cards in the device manager while running latency mon to see if that makes a big difference. if that gives better results (or with disabling any other drivers), search for newer updates or even sometimes try older drivers for smoother operation. I had big problems with a built-in intel LAN driver

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I have not had any luck with 12.0.4. I have tried everything mentioned on latency issues.
Issue: I press play, there is a slight delay before the audio starts playing. It is the same with Midi as well.
Please no more suggestions on buffer size or antivirus. All have been tried. I have tried changing every setting in audio setup as well. The problem persists.
I am running a clean system- 32 gig ram and m.2 hard drive on a pentium i7.
I have tried ableton, FL and even Acid Pro and none have these issues. But I am a cubase user and need this to work. I believe this issue is now to be dealt by Steinberg, I don’t think any users will have a solution.

All solutions and tips I tried, it was a problem that does not allow me to work at all
Knowing that Studio One was working fine

the solution is to format the pc now everything is normal

Unfortunately, I tried that, too. And note, this is a new PC. When version 12 was installed on my last PC, same issue with this playback latency. Now this is the new one with version 12.0.40.
Also, I am using Focusrite 2i2 with latest drivers. As mentioned, no playback problems with other DAWs. I own multiple others for educational purposes. I am wondering if anyone else has these problems. Cubase works just fine otherwise.