Cubase 12 performance issues tracked down to control room

I’ve been using C11 as 12 has been not good for me. I trashed my prefs recently and so thought I’d give c12 another go.
I opened a simple project with 8 audio tracks and 5 midi and to my horror could see the cpu meter at about 80%.
there were NO plugins in the project. I got rid of the midi…same…just 8 audio tracks… I tried changing ASIO guard on or off and different setting but no difference.

I then went and disabled the control room and added a set of stereo outs and bam meter dropped to 1%.

So, what’s going on here.

32 gigs ram

windows 11


Do you use any plug-in in the Control Room, any Monitor bus with a plug-in?


Yes that was indeed the case. I’m not sure how and why it was in there on a new blank [project after trashing prefs but when I opened up all the control room tabs AA Sienna was on the control room. Shouldn’t be reading 80% for 1 plugin.

Anyway problem kind of solved.

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