Cubase 12 Performance vs Studio One 5.5 and Logic Pro X 10.7


2020 Mac Mini M1 with 1 TB and 16 GB memory, purchased when they were first released in December of 2020.


-1 instance of Superior Drummer 3 using the Rock Warehouse - Tight Rock Preset. Grove was and 8 bar midi loop from the included “Somehow” song - verse 02.

  • 8 instances of EZ Keys. Grand Piano EZX, using the Goth Rock midi pack preset “Modern Cult” verse 02.
  • 16 instances of Omnisphere with the Adagio Transparent Strings Warm patch. (I copied the EZ Keys midi to the Omnisphere tracks to save time)
  • All tracks had an instance of Seventh Heaven Pro, FabFilter Pro Q3, Waves H-Comp, and Waves H-Delay.
  • Sample rate was set to 48K in all DAWs.


Cubase 12 ran the project at a buffer of 256 smoothly.
Studio One 5.5 ran the project at a buffer of 1024 smoothly.
Logic Pro X ran the project smoothly at a buffer of 128 smoothly.

I’ve done similar tests in the past and rendered all the Instruments to audio. When that happens I’ve been able to get well over a hundred tracks in Logic and S1, all with many instances of processor heavy plugins. I’ll try it Cubase 12 and see how it goes. I use a lot of VIs so I wanted to just try a project with just those. I’m impressed with Cubase 12 and will continue to use it. I like Logic, but not enough to switch back. If it had the Chord Track features of Cubase I might. Overall I am pleased with the update.

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