Cubase 12 - Phase coherent group Warp is broken

Upgraded to CB12 mainly for the “improved” warping.
Echoing others I’ve read here I’ve found that multi-channel phase coherent warp in CB12 is currently broken - resulting in bursts of white noise followed by maxed out level meters on channels with silent audio as well as other weirdnesses (running on MacOS Catalina).
(As an added bonus using Warp will sneakily change your ruler from bars+beats to seconds which can really throw you if you’re not careful).
Extremely disappointed as this is one of CB12s headline features - hard to believe that it was allowed to be released in this condition - it seems like in early beta stage of development at best.

Steinberg @Matthias_Quellmann - when can we expect this function to be fixed and working as part of a maintenance update?


I also find it unusable - I’m on Monterey.

Catalina is unsupported so you may not get much help with it.

Well that sucks (lack of Catalina support). I thought I’d double checked when upgrading - I swore it said 10.15 and up. Still, doesn’t sound like it’s an OS thing if you’re having problems too.

No it’s not unique to Catalina … it actually should’ve prompted you that your OS was too old when upgrading I think?

Nope didn’t get any kind of warning whatsoever - all installed normally.