Cubase 12 piano roll automation lane design issue

Here The automation value is lowest at 0, but due to the design of the scrollbar, it looks like it’s above zero.
There was no such issue in Cubase 11.

I see what you mean. I don’t have C12 installed yet but maybe play with your color / theme preferences. I bet that horizontal scroll bar at the bottom will emerge after a little tweaking.
Seems like the problem is everything is the same color.

Hi @stevont,

regarding Cubase 12, I was hoping that those greatly reduced color palettes (like in Cubase 11) might change back to a wider spectrum, but no. There’s only the same meager choice of only four main color templates. For such complex and expensive software, this is not adequate at all. The whole color section could be much better, both in terms of usability and freedom of choice.

Including freedom from barriers. An almost blind colleague of mine can’t really use Cubase Pro since version 11, since there’s no way for him to lighten up the main GUI enough to enable the necessary contrast, and no white background / black font combo for most window surfaces is possible.


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If you know of how to fix it - do tell me. As for now I wasn’t able to find a setting for that in the preferecnes.

I agree. Cubase has some usability issues regarding contrast. It should at least be configurable (LMK if it is, because I couldn’t find it in the messy preferences).

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Yeah, I’m on 10.5.
So, are you saying that you can’t go:
preferences / user interface / color schemes ?
and then lighten things up / adjust hue etc. ?
I’ll be pissed if I can’t set things up to look better than 50 shades of black.

Thanks!! found it.