Cubase 12 Pitch Shift Bug Issues Instant Crash

Cubase pitch shift over the years has experienced many variations of BROKEN, but this takes it to new heights.

Bug seems to be associated with musical mode still being activated before selecting pitch shift. The pitch shift options will load if there isn’t an actual shift already default inside the options, then crash as you create the shift, shown in V2.


Provide the description of the steps you did and attach the *.dmp file, please.

  1. Load empty project
  2. Insert audio file
  3. Select music mode
  4. Press f7
  5. Select pitch shift
  6. Select a different key in pitch shift
  7. Crash


Could you provide the DMP file, please?

There’s loads not sure which one


The latest, please.

Cubase12 64bit 2022.4.11 (114.6 KB)

Thank you

Can anyone else confirm this is a bug. Thank you

I tested this (step by step) a couple of times but could not reproduce any issues / crashes.
BTW, what is this F7 for? In my setup it opens the sound browser…

Windows 10 Pro x64, Intel Core i7 6700K, 16GB RAM, nVIDIA GeForce 1070 GTX.

RME FireFace 800, Steinberg UR28M, Steinberg CC121, Allen & Heath QU-32,
Yamaha DTX 700 e-drums, Yamaha MX61 synth, Sennheiser HD 600, Mackie HR824…


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

I basically avoid hitting F7 at all. :slight_smile: I haven’t figured out what exactly makes it crash, but it’s definitely problematic for me.


If you open the window from the menu, does it also crash?

f7 is for offline processing menu short cut / key command. I may of changed this or you may of changed yours, I can’t remember which is default.

Ok. Can’t remember if I changed the F7 shortcut or if it’s default… :grin:


But you probably know, what does F7 do on your side, right? My expectation is, it opens the Direct Offline Process window (probably with the Pitch Shift process preselected). In this case, this is the default settings.

I’ve tested it and I get the crash regardless to using the f7 short cut or the menu.

Yes, f7 is offline process by default you must of changed yours.

Did you try with MUSICAL Mode activated. This is the important part about the function crashing. Sometimes it doesn’t crash on the first shift but for me this is pretty much everytime crash first time.

Yes, Musical mode was selected.
Cubase 12 - DOP - Pitch 2

PS. For larger image, right click image and choose “Open image in new tab”.

I have assigned F10 to open Direct Offline Processing… In my setup (key commands) F7 opens the sound browser. That’s why I wondered what F7 had to do with the steps to reproduce the crash…

I don’t use the default key commands and I don’t remember when or why I changed the F7 to open the sound browser…
I’ve been using Cubase for many years and when I update I always import my custom key commands to the new Cubase version. :wink:


Could you please rewrite the steps with the triggered function?