Cubase 12 prevents my Mac sleeping

As the title says. Pretty easy to pin it down, I just quit Cubase and tried to sleep the Mac, and it worked. But when Cubase is open the Mac won’t sleep, it pings back awake immediately. Cubase is right up there at the top of the CPU useage on Activity Monitor.

How can I prevent Cubase 12 waking my Mac Studio running Ventura 13.1 ?

The first thing I would think of is to check if the Steinberg Audio Power Scheme isn’t activated (Studio > Studio Setup> Audio System panel) :

I wouldn’t let a system, either OSX or Windows based, go to “sleep” with Cubase running in the background, though…

Thanks for that - I seem to have pinned it down however. I had an eLicenser error message so I opened up the eLicenser control center and found it was struggling to find the dongle. I uninstalled and reinstalled the software but that didn’t help so I put the dongle in a different port and that did the trick. The software resynchronized and now the Mac doesn’t wake from sleep while Cubase is running. No idea why I had to move the dongle to a different port because I swapped it over with a USB hub which is still working fine.

It’s a shame that after moving away from the dongle Steinberg still have to use it for a few things like Padshop.

Anyway thanks for the reply, hopefully it’s resolved now.

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