Cubase 12 pro and DOLBY ATMOS - binaural rendering

Hi guys,
I’m working on a new project for us.
First time we are doing dolby atmos 1.7.4.
now after all is mixed and prepared for the end… we can only do one thing :
export it as ADM file… that’s to deliver to the master engineers .
but what if we do the mastering ourself?
how can we export, render or whatever in cubase 12 to have binaural wav file?
This seems not possible inside cubase 12 pro? but other professional daws can do it.
Is there something I miss here and/or is there a solution for that inside cubase 12 pro?
sadly you can not send the output of the atmos bus (where the render is on) to a stereo out or something different.

Hope somebody can help me out to find a way how to export to a binaural file.
Thanks for any tip or clue.

You can indeed send the Atmos bus to a stereo out. I explain how I do it here, (it was originally a livestream so a bit of a ramble, but the chapters are all marked):

HI Phil, thanks for answering, but as I thought you work with NUENDO where you have the opportunity to add a SEND on your renderer track, but in cubase pro 12, this is not possible at all.
So there is no possibility to send all my soundstracks that are fully dolby atmos to the stereo out in order to make it as a binaural file. So any idea how to do it in cubase 12 pro?

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Hi there, you are of course correct, my apologies I was using the phone to browse the forums, early morning and didn’t realise you were using Cubase and not Nuendo. Apologies once again. :pray:

Hi Phil, no problem at all. At least you give me some information. But I really hope that there is any possibility inside Cubase Pro 12 (since it’s the most advanced cubase version there is) to have this simple option.

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Off the top of my head, you could use a (free) plugin that records an audio file as an insert after the Renderer itself.

of course this will mean playback/recording in real time and I guess would take a little experimentation to get correct settings, (if it works).

I have not tested this theory though but in case you want to give it a go, here is link to M Recorder:

You can also try loopback recording
Set the Atmos renderer to binaural or stereo, set mid near and far and capture the stereo out on another audio recorder such as Reaper or Hindenburg