Cubase 12 Pro causing audio dropout

Hi all. This problem, unfortunately doesn’t only apply to Cubase, however it is affected Cubase the worst for me.

Here’s my issue:
In sessions that are heavy duty (numerous Kontakt instruments), at some point, audio drops out from my computer - not just in Cubase but for everything else as well (YouTube, Spotify, QuickTime Player, etc.) I am new to the Cubase world as I am mostly a Logic Pro X user. I would like to learn the program but this problem has truly been hindering me as I am unable to attempt at composing on Cubase.

What usually happens is that once I quit Cubase, audio usually starts playing back again on other programs, and sometimes, when I reopen Cubase, audio drops out once more. I sometimes attempt at killing the coreaudiod process in the Activity Monitor, and it only works sometimes.

I have read on other forums that this has happened to others who are also running an M1 like I am. On a specific Logic forum, they stated that running their programs in Rosetta had helped significantly but for me it has still caused audio crashes. Using the headphone jack instead of my audio interface has made no difference to the issue.

Please help out if you know of a solution, or even some troubleshooting that I have missed.

Thank you.

My rig:
Macbook Pro M1 Max, 32GB RAM
PreSonus AudioBox iTwo


Is the same happening of you use the built-in audio, please?

In just thinking if your audio device (or the connection - probably USB?) doesn’t do to any kind of sleep mode by any chance.

Hi Martin,

Yes, that problem continues whether it’s through my interface or through the headphone jack.


Do you mean the headphones plugged directly to the computer, right?

Yes that’s right


Could you try to inspect the processes of your system, of there is any really (CPU) hungry application/process?


I usually quit all other programs when using Cubase, so it’s only Cubase running while I’m composing. The most recent session is about 5% composed, so the session isn’t too heavy but has caused audio to dropout. Cubase seems to average around 90-105% CPU, and I imagine it’ll get much heavier once I orchestrate it more.



Do you know what the Display Link and the Windows server processes are?

They’re both display related. DisplayLink is the program that allows my USB hub to run two separate displays. WindowServer is Mac’s native process to allow apps and windows to communicate (apparently, according to google).

Just FYI, this happened in the past when I only had one display running.