Cubase 12 pro connect to mellotron M4000D


Can anyone help me connect my mellotron M4000D to cubase 12 pro?

I’ve connected the mellotron via Roland UM- one MIDI to my Windows desktop.

In cubase 12 pro via external instument, midi channel( 1) I made connection.

So then I make a midi-track.
I can select & play the mellotron and even record a ‘bit’ on that track, so there IS a connexion, I hear sound. Doesn’t work smoothly though.

I gues then I have to make an instrument track…
When I do that I can’t select the mellotron.
When I change bank/ instrument nothing happens (on the mellotron), so no sound.

What do I have to do, so I can record different mellotron sounds/ midi info on different instrument tracks?

Btw. Everything else works fine, I can play and record all vst via my alesis usb keyboard, no no problem.

Thank you

Hi and welcome to the forum,

If you made the External Instrument, use the Instrument track, please.

Make sure these MIDI Messages are not filtered out in the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filters. By default only SysEx messages are filtered out.

I’m afraid it doesn’t work yet.
Maybe you can get info from this screenshot?

The track ‘16 violins’ you see plays and I hear the mellotron.
However if I want to make another instrument track nothing works, I can’t even select the mellotron,
Bank selector and program selector also don’t work.

In edit > preferences > midi > midi filter…… only boxes sysex are tickt and channels 1,2,3,4…

Last one….

Track ‘sax’ doesn’t do anything, can’t select mellotron

Sorry for all of this, I used cubase late eighties/ nineties, now I’m a newb…

Thanx anyway


Disable the Monitor button, please.

I’m sorry it just doesn’t work.

No matter what I do, i just cannot create multiple Instrument tracks and so play/ record different mellotron instruments.

Only the first track works but doesn’t save the intrument & midi information.

I don’t get it.
I saw a guy on youtube do it live with garageband….

Anyway, tomorrow another day

Thanks man


That’s by design. Your cannot create multiple External Instrument tracks. Add a MIDI Track, route the output to the External Instrument track and set MIDI Channel 2. Is the hardware multi-timbral, right?

Ah, I think I know what you mean, interesting.
I’ll try tomorrow.


Hi one more question.

When I connect a source/ external (midi) instrument directly to my desktop soundcard, can I then ‘sample’ (record) a track, and use it?

(I thoughy rendering would do the trick but obiously, untill now is doesn’t)

Anyway, If I can ‘sample’, then I can of course do that numerous times and so play different sound from one external instrument even when it’s not multi timbral…. I guess.



Yes, you can do so. You can use the old MIDI + Audio track way. Or you can use the Instrument track then Render in Place it, remove the External Instrument from the Instrument track it disable the track and add another Instrument track.

Hi Martin,

Can you or anybody provide me with a mellotron M4000D xml script?
I’ve also asked Markus Resch, waiting for answer.

(Btw. I also need a korg M3 xml script )

If so please send link or file in this topic, or to:

daniel.von.chemnitz(at)gmail (dot) (com)



I’m sorry, I don’t own these instruments neither don’t have these XML files.