Cubase 12 Pro "Could Not Create Record File" on old Projects

Just installed Cubase 12 Pro on a new laptop (Windows 11 Pro). It’s literally the only software on the machine at the moment.
I have no problems so far on new projects but when I open my old projects (all of them made on Cubase 11 Pro on another computer with no problem EVER), I either:

  1. Get a “Could Not Create Record File” as soon as the project opens and on every track if I try to record;
  2. Can only record on the tracks that are already there but if I add a new one I get the the same thing.

I have already checked if it depends on Windows Defender but I have the same issue even if it’s turned off.
If I open the same exact project, from the same exact external HDD, on my old laptop with Cubase 11 Pro it works perfectly.

Please help!


Double-check the permissions of the folder (and all parents) where are your old projects stored, please. Make sure, you can write to the folder.

It has nothing to do with that. After a couple of days I finally figured it out.
Cubase sets up all the old projects on my HDD as 24bit 48khz FLAC, even if they were originally 32/48/wave. All it takes to make it work is changing FLAC to Wave and it works fine. Extremely simple but a tedious (and pretty dumb…) bug.


Do you mean in the settings in the Project Setup?

Basically, to record in my old projects I have to change the settings on the Project Setup to the original settings of the project, otherwise Cubase 12 automatically opens them as 24/48000/FLAC (by “old” I mean projects stored on an external HDD that I was working on three days ago with no issues on another computer using Cubase Pro 11).