Cubase 12 Pro crashes every time I try to open with Rosetta

Cubase 12-2023-03-17-140801.ips (32.3 KB)


It is a problem with Halion Sonic SE application support file

I don’t think the file exists in the library folder.

Reopen option works but opens Cubase in apple silicon but my plugins only work in Rosetta so I don’t want to open it in native.

Have tried deleting and reinstalling both cubase and Halion Sonic SE

Any suggestions?

Update: now no longer opening at all, not even in native.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

As I can see, you have HALion Sonic SE installed. Install the latest version, please.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

This seems to have worked. Not sure why I had installed in the first place though.

Is HALion Sonic SE packaged with cubase 12 Pro installation file? I hadn’t installed HALion sonic SE separately prior to updating to 3.5.10 upon your suggestion.

I had tried installing HALion Sonic 7, but that didn’t resolve the problem.

Thanks for your help.

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