Cubase 12 Pro crossgrade pricing to add Dorico 4 sure would be nice

As a long-time Cubase Pro user (I started with Cubase 3SX) and as someone into orchestration, it sure would be nice to see a “cross-grade” pricing path for Cubase Pro users to add the full version of Dorico Pro.

While Cubase 12 Pro does have scoring capabilities, they aren’t at the level of Dorico 4 Pro, especially for scoring a full orchestra such as when creating cinematic music. And full integration of the two products would be create a serious product differentiator for Cubase in competition with other DAW software.

Being able to go back and forth between Cubase MIDI and Dorico scores would be awesome to use a generally overused word!

Steinberg, please consider rewarding your loyal Cubase users and add Cubase Pro to the list of qualifying products for a cross-grade price for the full version of Dorico Pro.



Welcome to the forum, Rawl. Historically we’ve not really done this kind of pricing action before, but it’s something we have discussed doing when there is a stronger interoperability story to tell between Cubase and Dorico. (Right now, of course, you can send MIDI and MusicXML back and forth, but we plan to make the integration somewhat tighter between the two applications.)

So this is something we may well look at in the future, offering Dorico to Cubase users at a reduced price, and vice versa.



Thank you for the timely reply. I look forward to seeing an offering of this type!


I secon the motion. Long term cubase user, since few years also cubase pro, and now and then for certain projects looking to further improve the score of my compositions. For that 10% job, the fee for Dorico is way to high, but some kind of reduction in conjunction with cubase pro would certainly work for me, and I bet you, many other cubase pro users. So please have a look at this soon.

Was just thinking the same. I’d buy Pro 5 if there was a discount for being a Cubase 13 Pro owner.

Hello dear team and colleagues,
No doubt the idea about some discount on Dorico for Cubase Pro owner, and vice versa, is great! :slight_smile: It will, surely, attract more users.

Unfortunately the both apps aren’t a single step closer to each other, yet…
The team behind Cubase wasted so much time and effort on unwanted visual changes, instead of improving it to make it closer to Dorico.
Before the real deal of making them working together - The Real-time Synchronization, many other aspects of Cubase should be improved, changed, or integrated…

  1. The Score Editor in Cubase must be replaced with Dorico’s - Write Mode.
  • We need nicer and properly working Score Editor (the current one is heavily outdated and useless).
  • Probably we need something like Dorico Elements inside Cubase/Nuendo Pro
  1. Cubase should adopt the Dorico’s Expression / Percussion Maps system.
  • It’s far superior than the one in Cubase.
  • It’s easier for making sets in Dorico, than in Cubase.
  • The assignment of an existing aticulations, or techniques is obligatory in Dorico, while in Cubase it isn’t (which is terrible).
  • This will allow the same sets to be used in both programs.
  1. Playing Techniques should also be implemented in Cubase, in order to allow us to create our own techniques.

  2. The Voices per Staff should be adopted from Dorico, to Cubase.

  • Dorico offers unlimited voices per Staff, while Cubase only 8
  1. The Playback Templates system should be also integrated into Cubase.
  • This will allow the same Playback Templates to be used in Dorico and Cubase.
  • It will be possible to easily switch the VI Templates within Cubase, just like in Dorico.
  1. The Flow system - another important feature that should be implemented in Cubase.

  2. The Independent Voice Playback is another thing that should be implemented to serve better the Divisi when different articulations are involved.

Of course Dorico should add something from Cubase, as well:

  1. Midi Input Channels per Staff / Track just like in Cubase

  2. Control Room in the Mixer Window in order not to transfer plugins that are only the platform related e.g. - Sonarworks - SoundID, or SuperVision.

The accomplishment of all those tasks will allow the firs major step to happen.

  • The opportunity to open a .dorico project file in Cubase / Nuendo.
  • The opportunity to use bidirectionally MIDI cables in order to send data in real-time between the programs.

Another important thing should also be possible:

  • The chain Dorico ↔ Cubase / Nuendo → Vienna Ensemble Pro , or Cubase / Nuendo ↔ Dorico → Vienna Ensemble Pro / NP Playback Engines to be possible as well.

Best wishes,

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