Cubase 12 pro de-activation procedure

Due to some hardware issues on my pc (totally crashing twice and requiring windows to be reinstalled) could not deactivate and recover 2 of my 3 licenses that still appear as being used! The only way right now to do this is by contacting Steinberg which is very inconvenient especially for us here in Greece which have to go through the local distributor and not Steinberg directly!!!
Anyway Steinberg should implement a way that we can also manage our licenses through our steinberg account and not only from within our computer through the activation manager.
Cases where computers will not start are very common making license deactivation and recovery impossible!
You guys at Steinberg! Do something! Instead of making our life easier you managed somehow to make it even worse with the way you have implemented the new activation process!!

I can see that your account only has one registered activation - so did our support team manage to help you?