Cubase 12 Pro fresh install on Win10 "Task Failed"

Trying to install Cubase 12 Pro on a fresh install of Win10 but keep getting Install completed but “Task Failed” message and Cubase 12 isnt installed.
I upgraded to Pro 12 using the summer upgrade offer, do I have to install Cubase 11.5 then upgrade 12 over the top?

I guess you are trying to install as a standard Windows user, without admin permissions.

While starting the installation did your Windows system show you a prompt asking for admin rights? That is something that you need to allow and then the install will succeed.

If that doesn’t happen, try installing as administrator directly and then run Cubase as standard Windows user.

You don’t need to have a previous release installed, but because your Cubase 12 is an upgrade you need to have the eLicenser, containing the previous release, connected until the installation and the following activation is completely done.

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Hi and thanks for the reply, was running as an admin.
I have swapped the SSD for a larger one and am installing the OS again, will see if it works better and if your suggestion helps :slight_smile:

Fresh Windows 10 Pro installed and updated to current.
Ran the installer again, yet again it didnt install Cubase but did install “components”.
To get Cubase 12 installed I had to run “Additional Content\Installer\Cubase12.msi” and then it was correctly installed.

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You didn’t try to install direct from the .zip file did you?

You need to unpack it first, otherwise it won’t be able to find the additional installers it requires.

Hi, yes I unpacked the zip to a folder then ran the setup.exe as admin