Cubase 12 Pro latest build : Loses audio with Presonus Audiobox 96

Ok, got 12 installed on main studio PC and from initial playing around it seems like it installed ok and audio passes in and out of my RME UFX.
I then installed on home PC with a Presonus Audiobox 96. Using the latest asio drivers. Most times Cubase 12 comes up with the audio connections settings that I saved forgotten, And even when I reconnect there is no audio. Sometimes hitting the reset button in the Asio control panel brings audio back, but it often doesn’t. On the same pc with same hardware, Presonus Audiobox 96 works perfectly with Presonus Studio One v3.5, Vegas Pro 19, Soundforge Pro 15 etc. And it also works fine with Cubase Elements 10.5. So there is something in the latest release of Cubase 12 Pro that is causing this issue. Anybody else have trouble with Cubase 12 dropping audio completely and forgetting the audio connections settings? P.S. I did make presets for the input/output settings too, but recalling them doesn’t bring the audio back.